The .vantronix | Firewall C1 is a very high-quality firewall. It is even appropriate for permanent heavy-duty use as multi-functional security appliance in high-available environments.


The stable and high-quality Firewall.
It is especially equipped for the employment in high-available enivironments as a protection of application- and webservers or internal networks. Moreover it is convenient as a loadbalancer for big internal serverpools.

The .vtFW-C1 can be expanded into a high-quality redundant firewall solution with further models without any effort.

Data ThroughputUp to 980Mbit/s net data throughput.
Packet FilterOpenBSD pf Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection.
NATNetwork Address Translation also for big Subnets.
.vantronix | preinspectionOptimises and secures the network operation.
LoadbalancerFull-featured Layer 3/7 Loadbalancer with SSL accelerator.
VPN GatewayHigh secure VPN gateway with HA functionality.
QoSPriorisation and bandwith control.
IPv6-readySupports IPv4/IPv6, UDP, TCP and Multicast.
HA-readyFailover in connection with further .vtFW C1.
Network4x 10/100/1000T Gigabit Ethernet.
Storage160 GB SATA HDD.

Operating System.vantronix | FOS 5.2-vt (powered by OpenBSD)
HardwareHP ProLiant DL160 G6 (quad core)
64bit 1HE Intel Xeon Server

InstallationSoftware preinstalled
Software Support1 year Bronze Support
Hardware SupportHP Care Pack 36 month Next Business Day (NBD)