The .vantronix | Firewall EM1P is the firewall for professional office-employment. It is based on an extremely energy and space saving embedded hardware platform.


The optimal Remote- and Back-Office Firewall.
With 7 10/100Tx Fast Ethernet ports it can physically interconnect different networks, like office departments, DMZ for servers and services, separate wireless networks and the DSL connection or any other internet uplink.

The .vtFW-EM1P can be expanded into a high-quality redundant firewall solution with further models without any effort.

Data ThroughputUp to 60Mbit/s net data throughput.
Packet FilterOpenBSD pf Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection.
NATNetwork Address Translation also for big Subnets.
.vantronix | preinspectionOptimises and secures the network operation.
LoadbalancerFull-featured Layer 3/7 Loadbalancer.
VPN GatewayHigh secure VPN gateway with HA functionality.
QoSPriorisation and bandwith control.
IPv6-readySupports IPv4/IPv6, UDP, TCP and Multicast.
HA-readyFailover in connection with further .vtFW C1.
Network7x 10/100Tx Fast Ethernet (3x onboard, 4x extension).
Storage1024MB CompactFlash

Operating Systems.vantronix | FOS 4.3-vt (powered by OpenBSD)
HardwareSoekris 4801, 266 MHz NSC SC110, 256MB RAM
UltraDMA-33Extensible with a 2.5'' HDD
Extensions1 PCI 3.3V, 1 Mini-PCI Type III, 1-2 Seriell, 1 USB 1.1
ManagementSerial system console, hardware watchdog
Power consumption5V DC or 7-20V DC, max. 10 watts
Dimensions25,5 x 15,5 x 3,5cm (desktop case)
Optional19'' 1HE rack case

InstallationSoftware preinstalled.
Software Support1 year passive update service (notification)
Hardware Support24 month .vantronix care