The .vantronix | Firewall EM2P is the firewall for office-employment and co-locations. It is based on an extremely energy and space saving embedded hardware platform.


The optimal Office and Co-Location Firewall.
With 8 10/100Tx Fast Ethernet ports it can physically interconnect different networks, like office departments, DMZ for servers and services, application server pools, and the internet uplink.

The .vtFW-EM2P can be expanded into a high-quality redundant firewall solution with further models without any effort.

Data ThroughputUp to 96Mbit/s net data throughput per port.
Packet FilterOpenBSD pf Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection.
NATNetwork Address Translation also for big Subnets.
.vantronix | preinspectionOptimises and secures the network operation.
LoadbalancerFull-featured Layer 3/7 Loadbalancer.
VPN GatewayHigh secure VPN gateway with HA functionality.
QoSPriorisation and bandwith control.
IPv6-readySupports IPv4/IPv6, UDP, TCP and Multicast.
HA-readyFailover in connection with further .vtFW EM2P.
Network8x 10/100Tx Fast Ethernet (4x onboard, 4x extension).
Storage4 GB Ultra-Fast CompactFlash

Operating Systems.vantronix | FOS 5.2-vt (powered by OpenBSD)
HardwareSoekris 5501, 500 MHz AMD Geode LX, 512MB DDR-SDRAM
UltraDMA-100Extensible with a 2.5'' SATA 1.0 HDD
Extensions1 PCI 3.3V, 1 Mini-PCI Type III, 2 Seriell, 2 USB 2.0
ManagementSerial system console, hardware watchdog
Power consumption5V DC or 6-25V DC, max. 20 watts, TVS protection
Dimensions19" 1U rack case

InstallationSoftware preinstalled.
Software Support1 year Bronze Support
Hardware Support24 month .vantronix care