The Routing Firewall ZL1 is the optimal solution for the integration in HP ProCurve networks utilizing the power of the ONE Services zl module.


Intelligent Edge Firewall.
The combination of a .vantronix Routing Firewall ZL1 running in a ProCurve 8200/5400zl switch on ONE services ZL module is a powerful integrated border security solution. The ZL1 is physically integrated in the ProCurve platform, interoperates with the ProCurve management and software platform, and operates as an enterprise-grade Firewall, Router, Load Balancer, VPN, IPv6 Gateway, and anti-spam solution. The ZL1 Intelligent Edge Firewall offers .vantronix Trusted Proactive Security in an HP ProCurve Adaptive Edge Architecture.

.vantronix has joined HP ProCurve's Open Networking Ecosystem (ProCurve ONE) which provides you a choice of secure best-in- class solutions from a community of developers, using ProCurve's market-leading open-standards network foundation. ProCurve ONE offers you the confidence that the solution will be supported while providing application vendor choice through a multi-vendor model.

Visit the Firewall ZL1 page at www.procurve.com/one for more information.

HP ProCurve ONE Integrated

The .vtFW-ZL1 can be expanded into a high-quality redundant firewall solution with further models without any effort. No matter if in the same or other switch chassis.

You can use the firewall module in any empty slot of the HP ProCurve 8200/5400zl switch series, even with multiple firewall modules in a single switch. The modules are sharing the powerful switch backplane, and you can extend the solution with additional 10 Gigabit Ethernet, fiber, or other ProCurve ONE services into complete network solution in a switch.

HP ProCurve ZL series

Data Throughput (UDP)1518 byte: 6.0Gbps
512 byte: 1.9Gbps
Packet FilterOpenBSD pf Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection.
NATNetwork Address Translation also for big Subnets.
.vantronix | preinspectionOptimises and secures the network operation.
LoadbalancerFull-featured Layer 3/7 Loadbalancer with SSL accelerator.
VPN GatewayHigh secure VPN gateway with HA functionality (IPsec-VPN, SSH-VPN, and SSL-VPN).
QoSPriorisation and bandwith control.
IPv6-readySupports IPv4/IPv6, UDP, TCP and Multicast.
HA-readyActive/Active and Active Passive Failover in connection with further .vtFW ZL1.
Network2x 10 Gigabit Ethernet (internal), IEEE 802.1Q inter-VLAN firewalling
Storage250GB on SATA-II 7200RPM disk (40GB reserved for Service OS)

HardwareHP ProCurve ONE Service zl module J9289A for 8200zl, and 5400zl switches
HP ProCurve ONE.vantronix Firewall ZL1
Operating System.vantronix | FOS 5.2-vt (powered by OpenBSD)

Software Support1 year .vantronix Silver Care included.
(24-7 via http://my.vantronix.com, email or phone)
Additional .vantronix Gold and Platinum Consulting Support for 1, 3 or 5years provides Silver Care advantages.
Hardware SupportProvided by HP ProCurve ONE with lifetime warranty (available in most countries) for module and compact flash (J9154A) and 5 years for the hard drive (J9164A).