The Routing Firewall ZL2 is the second generation of a robust routing platform for HP Networking zl Series switches, with capabilities like BGP and MPLS.


Advanced Intelligent Edge Router.
The combination of a .vantronix Router ZL2 running in an HP Networking E8200/E5400 zl Series switch on the Advanced Services zl Module is an enterprise-grade routing solution. The ZL2 is physically integrated in the HP Networking E-Series platform, interoperates with the HP Networking management and software platform, and operates as an enterprise-grade Firewall, Router, Load Balancer, VPN, IPv6 Gateway, and anti-spam solution. The ZL2 Advanced Intelligent Edge Router offers .vantronix Trusted Proactive Security in an HP Networking Adaptive Edge Architecture.

.vantronix is an HP AllianceONE Select Partner in Hewlett-Packard's alliance partner ecosystem that brings together ISVs, IHVs and SIs to deliver Converged Infrastructure solutions that can be integrated and tested across servers, storage and networking. HP ProCurveONE is now a specialized Networking track in AllianceONE offering our customers faster time to ROI with industry leading infrastructure built on standards-based, modular infrastructure.

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HP AllianceONE Networking Integration Tested

The .vantronix RT-ZL2 provides a robust routing platform for HP chassis-based switches. With capabilities such as BGP and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), .vantronix provides effective and efficient routing capabilities at the edge of the network. This capability can be easily upgraded to a fully functional firewall capability delivering a robust security solution at the network's interconnection.

The solution delivers BGP with multiple full feeds and MPLS for edge routing with up to 1024 Routing Domains. It includes integration of OSPF and BGP with fully separated routing domains (aka. VRFs) and full policy-based routing (PBR) using a packet filter classification engine. The router module can be upgraded easily to a fully functional firewall.

You can use the firewall module in any empty slot of the HP Networking E8200/5400 zl switch series, even with multiple firewall modules in a single switch.

HP Networking E5400/E8200 zl Series

Data Throughput (UDP)1518 byte: 6.4Gbps
512 byte: 2.1Gbps
RoutingMultiple BGP full feeds, large OSPF clouds, Millions of routes, virtualization and MPLS.
Routing Domains (VRF)1024 Routing Domains, with fully-seperated routing within a domain.
(seperate OSPF/BGP instances per domain)
Overlapping or identical IP subnets in multiple independent Routing Domains
Policy Based RoutingOpenBSD pf Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection.
.vantronix | preinspectionOptimises and secures the network operation.
QoSPriorisation and bandwith control.
IPv6-readySupports IPv4/IPv6, UDP, TCP and Multicast.
HA-readyActive/Active and Activce/Passive Failover in connection with further .vtRT ZL2.
Network 2x 10 Gigabit Ethernet (internal),
1x 10/100/1000T Gigabit Ethernet (front),
IEEE 802.1Q inter-VLAN firewalling
Storage250GB on SATA-II 7200RPM disk

HardwareHP AllianceONE Advanced Services zl Module J9483A for HP Networking E8200/E5400 zl Series switches
HP AllianceONE.vantronix Firewall ZL2
Operating System.vantronix | FOS 5.2-vt (powered by OpenBSD)

Software Support1 year .vantronix Silver Care included.
(24-7 via http://my.vantronix.com, email or phone)
Additional .vantronix Gold and Platinum Consulting Support for 1, 3 or 5years provides Silver Care advantages.
Hardware SupportProvided by HP Networking with lifetime warranty (available in most countries) for module and compact flash and 5 years for the hard drive.