.vantronix secure systems
.vantronix secure systems is a Dutch-German company located in Uden, the Netherlands and Aachen, Germany which is specialized in the field of INFOSEC with focus on high secure OpenBSD solutions.

.vantronix secure system is a vendor of high-end security appliances with international customers in the corporate and enterprise market. .vantronix provides Firewalls, Routers, Load Balancers, VPN, IPv6 Gateways, and Anti-SPAM solutions based on a solid and proven platform powered by the secure operating system OpenBSD. Its excellent engineering team and highly professional support and services allows .vantronix to compete against leading vendors in INFOSEC, health care, telecommunications and governmental IT security solutions. .vantronix provides security appliances based on HP hardware products and is a HP AllianceONE Select Partner.

First in mind in security. .vantronix' vision is to become a leading vendor of high-end security appliances for the enterprise market based on OpenBSD.

Trusted Proactive Security. .vantronix' mission is to provide high-quality and professional solutions based on a trusted and secure software platform, quality hardware, proactive countermeasures against security threats, and impressive consulting services. We support the OpenBSD project because we benefit from the world's most secure operating system and the amazing software quality. We believe in simplicity and not in complexity. We use quality brand hardware from HP because we don't believe in low-end custom appliance hardware. We're a fair, straightforward, ethical, and trustworthy business partner and security vendor.

.vantronix is a privately held company that was founded by the brothers Rouven and Reyk Flöter with a team of computer security enthusiasts in March 2002. The company started with providing customized services, solutions, and research & development in wired and wireless network security. In February 2004, the company reorganized itself as .vantronix | secure systems GmbH, a private German limited liability company, to provide network security products based on the team's long experience in custom solutions, IT networks, and secure software. In 2006, .vantronix released the .vantronix security appliances, the first generation of the current range of products based on the high secure operating system OpenBSD. In 2011, Compumatica secure networks takes over the technology of .vantronix | secure systems GmbH.